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Welcome to the GridAuth website, the purpose of this website is to organize the development effort, and also to provide information for both users and developers from expert to novice on all aspects of the Grid Authority effort.

Latest News and Information
Online Demo!
Transferred website to gridauth.com and installed a working GridAuth demo instance for people to experiment and develop against. (T. Warnock)
February 7, 2005

First Source Release
Completed an initial source file release and brought on the amazing talents of Larry Miller and Daniel Frysinger to help with the development! We're aiming for a production version for the release of the 3.3 NEESit software and central repository. (T. Warnock)
January 7, 2005

Goals of this Project
GridAuth is a user credential management system for distributed data and computational grids. GridAuth is configurable and extensible to just about any system requiring credential management, advanced authorization and secure authentication.

The goal of GridAuth is to provide a centrally managed distributed grid account system that simplifies development of grid-based applications and completely abstracts the complexities of grid infrastructure from users. This enables a true single-sign-on environment where users do not need to manage (for example) X.509 keys or Kerberos tickets but still gain the benefits from a secure infrastructure.

GridAuth is created and maintained by members of NEESit and the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

Contact Information
Please check the about section for information on each of the GridAuth developers.

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