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GridAuth :: Demo

This section provides information on the live demo-server running on gridauth.com. Use any of the APIs to test your own application with GridAuth.

Client APIs (demo)
Enable your application to authenticate with the grid and derive authorization information by integrating with any of the client APIs. Currently, client APIs are available in Java, Perl and PHP (soon to offer a web service interface). The following APIs are set to use the demo service handler.

Demo Service Handler: http://www.gridauth.com/handler.cgi

Java client API
Check the AuthTest.java class for a sample of how to use this package.
Javadoc | Download

Perl client API
Check the t/poster.pl script for a sample of how to use this module.
Perldoc | Download

PHP client API
Check t.php for a sample of how to use this class.
PHPdoc | Download

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